July 7th 2013

July 7th, 2013

Again, Thank you to all of or fans and listeners. You joining us for a bit every week is so important to us. Welcome to the Exostate.

Been a bit since we updated this!I guess it’s that time.For me personally it has been a interesting couple of weeks.There was a little plumbing issue here, and almost two weeks later, it contunues.Of course you all get to share my pain.

On days that I am on the road I tend to be up and out very early. I got up at the normal 5:30am, and did all the critical morning tasks us guys have to do (meaning I brushed my teeth and put on a pair of shorts).I came downstairs and started coffee and walked the dog.Then sat down and checked my Email and did some stuff for the station.I filled my coffee up (YAY!!!) and went back upstairs to shower and get dressed.I had a few extra minutes so I took a extra long hot shower.That finished, I came back downstairs to have another cup of coffee and get ready to go.I filled my cup, and headed for the recliner.I never made it.As I stepped out of the kitchen I stepped in a puddle.My brain registered this, even at 6:15 am, and my eyes went to the floor where I saw the beginnings of a new lake in Florida.The pipe that connects to the drain on the shower had worn out and every drop of that wonderfully hot and long shower was on the floor.I sit here now talking to you all and looking forlornly at the 10 x 15′ hole in my ceiling where they pulled it to treat for mold, and seeing my shaving kit on the counter waiting for me to go to my Aunt’s house to shower.I guess on the bright side, I’m getting a remodeled bathroom out of this.


Welcome to the Exostate!

June 16th, 2013

So here we are. Not just my first blog on Exosphere, but my first blog anywhere. I’m not sure what will be here from day to day, or even Week to Week, but hopefully over time we will become friends. Welcome to my little slice of the Exosphere. Welcome to my life, my show, and the goings on in my world.

My name is Scott Kravit, aka DJ Howl. I run the Exosphere Radio Wednesday Drive Time Show. We are on air generally every Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm every Week. The show basically features Classic Rock. Most of what we play is from the late 1970′s to the early 2000′s. We try not to get to serious about anything and like to have fun. We also LOVE getting to know our fans. The stronger our audience participates in our shows the better it gets. Connecting with people is what we are all about, which leads me into my next paragraph well.

Still reading eh? should I change the color of crayon I’m using?

Why do I DJ on a Internet Radio Station? you may wonder. Well, that answer is so multi-faceted it may take awhile. First, here on the internet, I can literally sit in my kitchen and jam away with you all. I don’t have to get dressed up to go to work, nor do I even have to put on shoes. Pretty neat! Second, and here is where I may actually be serious for a minute, I can literally touch people all over the world. Commercial Stations can only reach the area that their antenna’s allow. Not so here. It really blows me away when during a show my producer says “We have listeners in…..” and then follows it up with a list of places I have never been to. It’s magical. I can’t begin to describe the feelings it gives me. I love you all! Never doubt that. Third and last, I honestly believe that Internet Radio will change and take over how people listen to music, news, and find different perspectives. The fact that Exosphere Radio is about so much more then just music is also a massive plus. In just a few short months I’ve already become aware of so much more of the Arts. Thank you so much, all you Artists out there, who every day share some of yourself with the rest of us.

Holy Crap!!! you’re still here…. wow!!!

What is DJ Howl all about? you were wondering that weren’t you…. uh huh. I knew it. I feel like Shrek at the moment, with all my onion layers hanging out. In a nutshell…. I’m about life and living it. I am almost always optimistic, sometimes unrealistic, sometimes just a dreamer. My hobbies include Photography, Fishing, Reading, Long car rides to nowhere, and yes…. even gardening. I’m man enough to admit, I even like the occasional art show. Dislikes… well now…. Shoe Shopping… HATE IT. Untruths… yeah… bad!!!! and arrogant people. You can be ignorant, just don’t mix in arrogance.

Wow Howl…. you sure do like talking about yourself…. ok… not really. But I’m pretty sure your getting sick of me talking about me. I also realize that my show isn’t really all about me. You may only hear from me on air, but if you ever have occasion to come into chat, you will quickly see that I have an AWESOME Producer, that keeps me on my toes, and at least semi on the ground. I’m going to leave the bottom Paragraph of this entry open for her to fill in. Everyone please meet my producer and friend, Kelly.


My name Kelly Devine and as I’ve been told, time and again… there is no such think as a short conversation with me. So if you like to chat…and chat some more…then maybe just a little more, I’m there for ya.

Besides producing for Exosphere, I’m an artist, a social butterfly and the mother of a teenager…. all things that I’m extremely passionate about. The Arts play a huge part in my life. Whether it’s photography, enjoying music or writing poetry, I find myself getting lost, but in a good way. The world has as much beauty as it does diversity to offer. Exosphere…to me, is a means by which to access the world…to celebrate our commonality as well as our differences. Join us for our Wednesday Drive Time and check out our blog regularly…I promise you’ll come away smiling.