August 15, 2013

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart? I couldn’t if I fried?

Yesterday’s show was fun with so many people in chat. We rocked and we rolled, classically of course and we enjoyed the company of some good friends.   Howl dug deep to move us into seat-dancing mode by playing the likes of Warrant, Scorpions, Ozzy and AC/DC…he even threw in a little Joan and Sammy toward the end of our two hours.  (Talk about time flying.)

This week’s highlights; we want to give a shout out to our good friend Jamie of the band Infliction, with a giant “thumbs-up” on his cancer free news.  Also want to thank Jimmy Allan Sine for dropping into Live Chat to take a virtual spin around the dance floor with me. We are looking forward to some of his new tracks in the near future.  We welcomed back an old friend, Dea, into chat, was good to have her back from her travels and business!

We chatted a little about family and some situations that make for awkward moments around the table during family gatherings.  We had another on air request from Howl – send us your stories about “awkward” situations that lead to “awkward” family moments.

Of course, the “Rat-tastic” Rat stopped by to crack open a cold one with us.  Our late coming Georgia regular, Grady, dropped in and the chat moved to food as we proceeded to salivate and discuss the concept of Bacon.

One meat; so many uses!   Ergo..the title of this blog….

Bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped pineapple, hell we even talked about bacon wrapped bacon (Canadian, of course).  Why are we so obsessed with bacon?   We heard tell of such things as chocolate covered bacon pieces and chocolate bacon ice cream.  We put bacon on burgers and we roll donuts in bacon.  It’s the latest bacon Jell-O shots and  bacon Vodka that make me think perhaps people have taken this bacon thing a bit too far.  You can watch entire shows on this magical meat.  Check out the United States of Bacon: Destination America or the Travel channel’s “Bacon Paradise”.

Links for our bacon loving listeners who imbibe:

Out of this entire conversation, we came up with one idea that seemed to make sense.  The Bacon Taco just sounds good!  Let us know if you agree? We’d love to have more bacon recipes, ideas or crazy things done with bacon or stories of family awkwardness.

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