July 25th 2013

Another Week…. What a great time we had on the show yesterday. New music, new faces, new friends, and new Email…. If you would like to get in touch with us about the show, please hit us up at DJHowl@exosphereradio.com We also need to take a minute here to wish our friend Jamie Caton, of Infliction, a fast and painless recovery on your upcoming surgery Monday 07/29/2013. And long time friend of the show Grady, from Atlanta, Ga a faster recovery then you are already having from the procedure you had done recently. Nothing but good wishes for you two from us in the Exostate and the rest of the Exosphere Family.

The dust in my house is starting to settle and the light at the end of the construction tunnel is starting to shine. A few more days and my house will finally be mine again. A lesson I’m taking away from this: Never use silicon to seal plumbers putty. As soon as it touches metal it starts to eat it up. A few years down the line and it could start raining in your living room.

Next weeks show may be a little windy, Im looking at the data on Tropical Storm Dorian, and South Florida is definitely in it’s path. It could change…. so i hope.

Until next Week,


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