I Mean That in the Nicest Way!!!

Insults you give, without realizing it!

1. “Have you lost weight?”  (um no, I’m still fat but these are my skinny pants)

2. “It’s not that I’m excluding you, I’m just not including you at this time.”

3. “I can’t take my eyes off your shirt. It reminds me of my grandmother’s quilt.” (so it’s ugly?)

4. “You have so much untapped potential.” (yeah, I know I’m saving it for something really big)

6. “Well, bless your heart, not everyone is brave enough to wear that color”  (TY, I though I heard the fashion police coming)

7. “Your hair looks great, today.”  (what about yesterday…and the day before….crap, right?)

So we all have those things we say when we are not thinking.   Although we totally mean well, sometimes, the person on the receiving end of our comment, may not be so appreciative.   I guess it depends on the persons self esteem level.

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