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July 30th 2013

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

I’m really starting to look forward to tomorrow’s show. This week will probably feel a little different to a lot of you as we started off right in the 80′s. A time for most of us here that were our party times. Most everyone I talk to in my age bracket look at the 80′s fondly. It was a time when it was still safe to let your kids run around outside alone, MTV still played music vids, and music was about fun and parties, girls and love. Its no secret that my feelings towards a lot of the more modern music is a tad reluctant because of the message it sends in a lot of cases. Of course there are exceptions and I love the stuff that sends a positive message.

Jamie Caton, of Infliction, had his surgery yesterday and is recovering. Nothing but wishes for a fast and easy recovery brother. You are one of those people I respect, and am proud to call friend. Beyond your musical ability, you bring to the world a optimistic view, a generous nature, and are fearless in showing people that its perfectly okay to show your love for others publicly.

I would also like to send a shout out to friend of the show Grady for getting through your own procedure and am hoping that by now your up and about again. I’ll see you tomorrow in chat and check in I’m sure.

On the home front, the construction is done!!! My house is my own again, well mine and Oreo’s, and the dusts…. lot of dust…….. damn you dust….. All thats left is a lot of painting, and even more cleaning. I’m looking forward to having it all done.

Till Tomorrow, Peace….


July 25th 2013

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Another Week…. What a great time we had on the show yesterday. New music, new faces, new friends, and new Email…. If you would like to get in touch with us about the show, please hit us up at We also need to take a minute here to wish our friend Jamie Caton, of Infliction, a fast and painless recovery on your upcoming surgery Monday 07/29/2013. And long time friend of the show Grady, from Atlanta, Ga a faster recovery then you are already having from the procedure you had done recently. Nothing but good wishes for you two from us in the Exostate and the rest of the Exosphere Family.

The dust in my house is starting to settle and the light at the end of the construction tunnel is starting to shine. A few more days and my house will finally be mine again. A lesson I’m taking away from this: Never use silicon to seal plumbers putty. As soon as it touches metal it starts to eat it up. A few years down the line and it could start raining in your living room.

Next weeks show may be a little windy, Im looking at the data on Tropical Storm Dorian, and South Florida is definitely in it’s path. It could change…. so i hope.

Until next Week,


July 19th 2013

Friday, July 19th, 2013

All the new faces we have been seeing are awesome!!! Welcome to all of our new friends. I can’t tell you how much it means to us to hear from you. I’ve said from the very beginning that we want “The Exostate” to be interactive and slowly but surely we are working towards that. We are working on a couple of different ideas there, but still the best way to get us is in chat during the show or via Facebook or email when we aren’t live. Have something you think we can get better at? or a idea you want us to look into, Let us know please. Much love to all of you.


July 10th 2013

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Happy Hump Day!!! We are excited about the show today. Got some new stuff for ya from singer songwriter Becky Prokova.

July 7th 2013

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Again, Thank you to all of or fans and listeners. You joining us for a bit every week is so important to us. Welcome to the Exostate.

Been a bit since we updated this!I guess it’s that time.For me personally it has been a interesting couple of weeks.There was a little plumbing issue here, and almost two weeks later, it contunues.Of course you all get to share my pain.

On days that I am on the road I tend to be up and out very early. I got up at the normal 5:30am, and did all the critical morning tasks us guys have to do (meaning I brushed my teeth and put on a pair of shorts).I came downstairs and started coffee and walked the dog.Then sat down and checked my Email and did some stuff for the station.I filled my coffee up (YAY!!!) and went back upstairs to shower and get dressed.I had a few extra minutes so I took a extra long hot shower.That finished, I came back downstairs to have another cup of coffee and get ready to go.I filled my cup, and headed for the recliner.I never made it.As I stepped out of the kitchen I stepped in a puddle.My brain registered this, even at 6:15 am, and my eyes went to the floor where I saw the beginnings of a new lake in Florida.The pipe that connects to the drain on the shower had worn out and every drop of that wonderfully hot and long shower was on the floor.I sit here now talking to you all and looking forlornly at the 10 x 15′ hole in my ceiling where they pulled it to treat for mold, and seeing my shaving kit on the counter waiting for me to go to my Aunt’s house to shower.I guess on the bright side, I’m getting a remodeled bathroom out of this.